Pigment pastes

Pigment paste for unsaturated polyester

ASTERLITE pigment pastes are produced with organic and inorganic pigments in a special polyester resin.


Their rheological and chemical properties make them suitable for any polyester-based system such as:

  • Engineered and agglomerated stones
  • Pultrusion
  • Gelcoats
  • Casting
  • Buttons
  • Conductive pastes

Final colour can be obtained by mixing the pastes in a concentration from 4 to 15% according to the application. Pigment pastes ASTERLITE increase brightness, better yield, colour intensity and resistance to atmospheric agents. Available in a wide range of colours (RAL, BS, etc).

Specific colours available upon request.

 Our company developed a specific tintometric system for which we can send final formulation based on our base tinters. This translates in a faster process and in an optimisation of production time.

Pigment paste for PVC

ASTERVINIL pigment pastes have been specifically designed for the pigmentation of PVC systems in various applications such as:


  • Calendered films rigid or flexible
  • Plastisols
  • Coated textile fabrics
  • Special applications where pigment pastes in plasticizer are nedeed.


They are completely free of phthalates and are available in a wide range of colours (RAL, BS colours or to a sample)


Pigment pastes for water-based systems

ASTERAQUA pigment pastes have been designed for use with all water-based systems


  • Acrilics
  • Poliurethanes
  • Decoratives
  • Special effects (metallic, pearlescent, iridescent

They are produced with a high concentration of pigments, which results in greater yield, colour intensity and resistance over time.



All of the pastes we produce chromates and lead free..